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PHP stands for (Hypertext Preprocessor)is a server side open source scripting language but also used for general purpose programming language is a strong source of website development and website design for interactive website pages rapidly.

PHP is a widely used and open source programming language more efficient development platforms in comparison to or other technologies. PHP use to develop dynamic websites and web applications..

PHP code can be easily integrated with other scripting languages like HTML, CSS, Java script it can be use various template design tools. Php code easily process by interpreter then implement as a web servers native modules or CGI executable.

Benefits of PHP

  • PHP Open Source Development Platform
  • PHP Supports Broad Range Platforms like (windows, Mac, Linux.
  • PHP Suited Almost All Servers Like IIS, Apache,Mysql etc.
  • PHP Support Broad Range of Database.
  • Cost Effective
  • Working Fast Easy Development
  • Performance Efficient.


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